Zira & Ellie the Corgis named as top pet influencers

Zira & Ellie are among the top dogs of social media influencers according to Webfluential, an online platform that helps brands find relevant social influencers. Here’s what they had to say about our beloved pups and the rise of pet influencers in general:


“Zira is 5/8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 3/8 Miniature Australian Shepherd. Ellie is Zira’s half-sister. The Donovan’s, Zira and Ellie’s humans post pictures and videos of their daily lives and adventures with their beloved corgi mixes.”

“Influencer Marketing is not just for humans anymore. In the last year, dogs have made a mark on the influencer marketing industry. These days it is almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a cute doggo. Some of these dogs have been collaborating with huge brands and making hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

We’re honored to be featured by Webfluential in this list of amazing dogs!

If you’re interested in Zira & Ellie telling your brand’s story, email us at zirathecorgi@gmail.com

Check out Webfluential’s full blog post.

Published by The Donovans

Mom of Atticus Flynn and owner of the popular corgi mixes, Zira and Ellie.

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