Meet the Donovans!

Hi everyone! We’re the Donovans. You probably know us as @zirathecorgi on social media. But while being corgi pawrents is a huge part of our lives, there’s so much more to us – as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. We can’t wait to share more of our lives with you. So we’re starting now!

We’d like to introduce ourselves. If you don’t know yet, we’re Jesse (left) and Kasey (right)!


Jesse is an artist and Kasey is a freelance writer. Together, we’ve empowered one another to pursue our passions and become better people. Our love for each other has withstood thousands of miles, family drama, and difficult pasts. We lift each other up and our love is getting stronger every day.

You may recognize us from our video of our double proposal at Disneyland!

This is just one testament to how truly magical our lives are. Neither of us had any idea the other one was planning to propose at the exact same time. As we said in our interview with Cosmopolitan, “It was the happiest moment, at the happiest place on Earth.” And we had no idea our proposal would go viral. It was mind-boggling to go from proposing to talking on the phone with Cosmo for an interview and seeing our faces everywhere online. We even had people at Disneyland coming up to us because they recognized us from the video! The publicity of it all was admittedly overwhelming at times, but we’re so happy that the video has spread so much joy and hope to the world. It’s one of the happiest moments of our lives and it’s a blessing to be able to share that.


You may also know about us from this tweet about Zira!

This was our first piece of viral content and it was just pure luck. We snapped some pictures of Zira, put them on Twitter, and suddenly all these big news outlets were making articles about it, including BuzzFeed, Complex, and Bravo.

But we also got a lot of criticism – both constructive and hostile – about taking Zira into a store that only allows service dogs. We learned a valuable lesson and used our platform to apologize and spread awareness about protecting service dogs and their handlers. We even made a blog post and video about shopping at dog-friendly stores.

Since then, we’ve been building a social media presence around Zira and everyone else we add to the family!

Here is a brief introduction to each of our lovely pets:


Zira is 5/8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 3/8 Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is the spunkiest, fastest, and most unique dog ever. Her favorite thing is to give us kisses and she wants to play all the time!


This is Ellie! She’s Zira’s half sister and we got her when she was already 6 months old. We call her Ellie Girl most of the time. She’s the sweetest, cuddliest, and laziest pup we could ever want. With Zira and Ellie, we truly have the best of both worlds when it comes to corgis. They have such different and unique personalities. It makes life fun!

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.53.22 AM

This is Purrdita! We adopted her from the SPCA and she’s literally the best cat in the world. She lets you pick her up and pet her whenever you want. She always meows at you when she sees you and she gets along great with the pups. And while her name is Purrdita, we usually just call her “kitty.”

We have a lot more to share with you all – from our home renovations to our desire to keep growing our family (eep!), but that will all come in due time. We don’t want to overwhelm you with a whole bunch of information. But from now on, our social media profiles and blog will be geared towards our entire family instead of just the dogs. We’re excited for you to be a part of our grand adventure!

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