FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Zira the Corgi

As Zira’s loving pawrents, we get a lot of questions about her every day. Here are your answers!

Is Zira a purebred corgi?

Nope! She’s 5/8 Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 3/8 Miniature Australian Shepherd. She has the body of a Pembroke Corgi with the blue merle coloring of an aussie. This mix is commonly called an “augi” or “auggie.” Her mom is a mix and her dad is a purebred tri-color corgi.  Here are some pictures of Zira with her mom, whose name is Tesla!

Where does Zira’s name come from?

We named her after the character Zira from the Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Both of us are huge Disney fans, but we didn’t want to name her something too common. While we were looking through Disney names, Zira just stood out and we think it’s the perfect name for her!

Is she deaf/blind/a double merle?

No, no, and no. A lot of people assume she’s a double merle, which is the result of breeding two merle dogs and often results in a myriad of health problems. Thankfully, this is not the case (as her dad was a tri-color corgi with no merle gene) and she has excellent hearing and sight.

Does she know any tricks?

Yes! As of writing this post, she knows “sit,” “down,” and “shake” (for shaking our hands).

How much does/will she weigh?

Zira currently weighs 15 pounds and we expect her to be between 20 and 25 pounds when she’s fully grown.

Can I send Zira free products for her to post about?

We carefully choose the brands we work with. Plus, we have rates for sponsored posts. If you’re interested in working with Zira for promotions, you can contact us here.

Who is Zira’s breeder?

We’ve decided to only tell people we know personally about Zira’s breeder. Sorry!

Do you have more questions about Zira that we didn’t address? Leave them in the comments below!


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Mom of Atticus Flynn and owner of the popular corgi mixes, Zira and Ellie.

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